Viviane Vaz for 2East Benelux

After nearly two months closed due to Covid-19 pandemia, several Belgian cities started deconfinement measures this Saturday, May 16th. 2East Benelux was honoured to assist the City of Antwerp in the reopening of Meir, the main shopping street in downtown Antwerp.

Belgian journalist Mischa Bludts highlighted in his column at Gazet van Antwerpen the work of the “Ghostbusters in the Meir”. He remarked that the city council hired actors to help citizens keep social distance in a fun way, wearing “flashing light on their heads or
dressed as a butler and with an arrow ‘keep right’. “There was even a handful of ghostbusters, those with a backpack full of disinfectant gel hands, to provide cleaning to passers-by,” he wrote. The journalist also said it was “good to see that the artistic sector in Antwerp is still supported”.

Writing for the Standaard and Gazet van Antwerpen, Sylvia Maries noticed that “the city of Antwerp had two ghostbusters-like staff wearing protection masks. “They both walked around with ten liters of alcohol gel (produced in Filliers Distillery, more known for their gin) on their back, in a kind of backpack with a handy spray system time to contact shoppers provide their hand hygiene,” writes Sylvia. The journalist remarked that “the idea comes from the new 2East Benelux, three entrepreneurs from the events sector, a sector that is struggling and must switch to lockdown it to cope”.

Sylvia welcomed the joint forces hired by the City of Antwerp including actors, 2East Benelux ghostbusters and also police officers, if intervention was needed. “The retail sector looks positive back to the past week”.

The Standaard puts 2East Benelux

The Standaard puts 2East Benelux “corona-busters” in the spotlight

The Belgian channel VTM also broadcast about 2East Benelux work in the Meir. In the video, 2East Benelux colleague Amon Smets explains the importance of keeping our hands desinfected before going shopping.

Do you want 2East Benelux team to do the same in your city?